PCDC facilitated the first-ever ‘Training of Trainers’ (ToT) on ‘Interfaith Harmony and Role of Police’ at the largest police training institution in Pakistan, the Police Training College, Sihala.

It was a unique training event as the group was composed of 20 Master-Trainers from the college with years of teaching experience at hand. Entire curriculum of the 3-day module along with its delivery methodology was developed by PCDC.

During the ToT, participants learnt and discussed the dynamics of ethno-religious and cultural diversity of Pakistan, Quranic injunctions, situation of constitutional and legal rights for minorities, global treaties regarding religious discrimination, human rights violations with particular reference to smaller religious groups, contemporary policing and ways and means of strengthening community police liaison in the country.

Last day of the training was particularly interesting as participants used the Babri Mosque incident as test-case to develop their plans for pre, during and post inter-faith violence situation.

The event created history when representatives from minority communities in four tehsils of district Rawalpindi (Taxila, Murree, Kotli Satian and Rawalpindi) sat together with police trainers and developed guidelines for protection and promotion of human rights in the context of vulnerable groups in Pakistan.

The 20 Master Trainers will multiply the benefit by delivering this module to 80 more police trainers of the Sihala college in four cascade sessions.

Later on, those 80 trainers will pass on the knowledge to their hundreds of students, either enrolled now or in the future training courses at the Academy.

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