Children need special focus to stay safe.

We contributed our part by facilitating a two-day strategic planning workshop for Sahil, one of the largest child-rights organizations in Pakistan.

During the two days of intense brainstorming, group work, presentations and analysis – enthusiastic participants from all regions of the country looked at past, present and future of the organization.

From vision, mission and values to projects, strategies and capabilities – everything came under discussion.

Sahil has a young and highly motivated team that was full of innovative ideas.

Mr Aftab Iqbal (Director PCDC) facilitated the workshop.

Introduction of Sahil

Sahil is the only registered, non-profit organization in Pakistan that has been doing pioneering work for child protection against all forms of violence especially against child sexual abuse since 1996.

Besides a well-resourced head office in Islamabad, the organization has four regional offices in Abbottabad (KPK), Lahore (Punjab), Sukkur (Sindh) and Jaffarabad (Balochistan). Since beginning, Sahil has been providing trainings to various stakeholders to build their capacities on child protection; advocating and creating awareness on the issue; and providing referral system for child protection across the country.

Sahil has been effectively utilizing development communication tools and approaches to highlight the importance of societal commitment against child sexual abuse.

Many ground breaking research publications, newsletters, videos, documentaries and training manuals have been produced by Sahil to enhance participation of various segments of the society in its campaign.

An important aspect of Sahil’s work is provision of free legal aid and counseling services to children all over Pakistan who became victims of sexual abuse.

Sahil has established several ‘Child Protection Networks’ (CPNs) in many districts to sensitize local people about seriousness of this issue; and create a cadre of advocates who can raise their voice against injustices and crimes upon children.

Sahil is an active member of several rights-based networks and coalitions in Pakistan.

It is also certified by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy.

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