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Interested in planning your communication activities?

Here is our unique communication planning tool – the ‘Organizational Editorial Calendar’.

What is it?
The ‘Organizational Editorial Calendar’ is a simple yet effective tool that gives you the power to think and plan, well in advance – your next year’s organizational communication activities.

How it Works?
The Calendar is designed to cater to all your planning needs for organizational communication. It is useful for every type of organization, working in all fields of development activity.

There are separate sheets for each month, loaded with suggestions and leads to help you visualize the organization’s communication needs and generate appropriate responses before time.

What You Can Do with this Calendar?
With this Calendar, you can add program/project milestones, upcoming events, and other important dates that your organization would leverage for successful communication in the next 365 days. It will help you to;

  • Plan next year’s PR activities to strengthen linkages with donors and other stakeholders
  • Develop timelines for writing new proposals to generate funds
  • Mark national and international days for celebrations and media appearances (dates of major national and international days are given for each month in the calendar)
  • Sketch communication workload in upcoming conferences, seminars, workshops & other public events
  • Realize the number and frequency of books, newsletters, brochures, campaign materials & IEC materials
  • Chart in social media posts, blog entries, info-graphs & other social media interactions to boost traffic to your website
  • Map out annual media engagements including press releases, columns, features, TV/Radio/Newspaper interviews, briefings, op-eds, paid advertisements & visits
  • Calculate the number of presentations to engage board members, communities, and other stakeholders
  • Visualize research and follow-up for manuscripts
  • Generate timeline to clean up lists and databases for archival, mailing and coordination
  • Prepare a schedule to manage organizational knowledge products; and
  • Accomplish other tasks that require editorial decision-making and resources.
And that’s not all – after downloading, you can continue customizing the Calendar according to your own communication needs for the whole year. 

So move forward and start planning your communication activities like never before.

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