There are more than 100,000 nonprofit organizations in Pakistan. From the sandy beaches of Sindh to the snowy mountain peaks of Gilgit Baltistan, millions of people are engaged with, benefiting from the tremendous efforts of these voluntary and community-based organizations. Thousands of men and women are selflessly serving the marginalized communities and bringing hope to those that are in dire need because of longstanding challenges.

AwamNama is Pakistan’s first and only video bulletin that is highlighting the good work and positive impacts of these citizen-sector organizations. It is aimed to strengthen our society’s resilience and boost the spirit of volunteerism.

AwamNama will present news, views, and information about self-help initiatives, particularly in the fields of health, education, microfinance, disability, entrepreneurship, food security, water & sanitation, environment, heritage and culture preservation, child safety, youth development, and women empowerment.

We will document new and innovative projects, share reports about the progress of CSOs, talk to social development leaders about trends in different fields, and inform about research and publications by nonprofits to maximize outreach.

We look forward to your support for AwamNama as we embark upon this exciting journey to explore and present, the beautiful face of Pakistani society, which is often overlooked.

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