When your organization joins PCDC, it is immediately connected to a network of non-profit organizations that spans all budget sizes, geographic regions and activity areas in Pakistan. PCDC draws upon the expertise and knowledge of this network to provide services that inform, promote, connect and strengthen both NGOs and experts. As a member, you will gain access to a variety of member benefits that will help you: stay informed; save time and money; network with other members; learn from important research; advocate for your cause; and improve communication effectiveness of your organization. Here are the types of memerships available and benefits for member organizations.

Types of Memberships


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Member organizations can get support in communication training of their staff, community members and other stakeholders in the following areas;   

  • How to Write Effective Project Proposals Training
  • Resource Planning to Establish Communication Department in Nonprofits
  • Effective Organizational Communication
  • Communication Strategy – Planning and Development
  • Resource Mobilization Strategy for Nonprofits
  • Branding and Marking Policy for Nonprofits
  • Relations with Media – Policy Development and Management
  • E-policy Development (How to manage websites, emails and other electronic communication tools)
  • Effective Social Mobilization Techniques
  • Advocacy Campaign – Design, Implementation and Impact Assessment
  • How to write Good Case Studies?
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Effective Report Writing Skills

Member organizations can have complete access to information that is available on our website. This includes;

  • Latest Grants and Funds Announcements
  • International and local Training and
  • Awards and Competitions
  • Fellowships and Scholarships
  • Vacancies and Internships
  • Research and Publications
  • Events Announcements
  • Call for Papers and Participation
  • Business Opportunities
  • NGOs Buy & Sell

PCDC is offering support to its member organizations in writing proposals and progress reports for projects. Organizations can now benefit from our vast collection of sample proposals on almost every area of development activity. Some of the proposals are available on PCDC website, from where they can be downloaded

PCDC can facilitate member organizations in development of their Communication Strategy. This may include carrying out Strategic Communication Planning through Needs Assessments, Communication Audit, Stakeholder Analysis and Capacity Building. PCDC can also facilitate organizations in developing branding and marking policies for improved and consistent image and recognition in the media, communities and donors

Member organizations can get development, design and printing support for;

  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Annual Reports and other publications
  • Posters
  • Conference and Event Materials (writing pads, fact-sheets, stickers, standees, banners etc)
  • Calendars (desk calendars, wall calendars, table planners etc)
  • Diaries and Notebooks

PCDC can support member organizations to plan, develop and disseminate documentary films for their projects and activities. This includes;

  • Research on issues
  • Concept and Script Writing
  • Story board Development
  • Shooting plan
  • Budget Planning
  • Logistic arrangements

PCDC may also support member organizations in making copies for mass distribution, jacket design and dispatch to target audiences.

PCDC can facilitate its member organizations in producing high impact newsletters and other publication. This includes;

  • Planning and Budgeting
  • Content Development
  • Graphic Designing and Production
  • Printing
  • Dissemination
  • Impact Assessment
  • Shields and Trophies
  • Caps
  • T-shirts
  • Badges
  • Pens & Office Stationary
  • Calendars
  • Planners
  • Key Chains
  • Desk Items (clocks, stationary set etc)
  • Cups and Glasses
  • Hundreds of other items