PCDC facilitated a two-day workshop on ‘Knowledge Management and Communication’ for the Environment and Climate Change Unit (ECCU) of the United Nations Development Program – Pakistan.

Senior representatives from environment-related projects and Unit offices of the UNDP-ECCU participated in the workshop. Its purpose was to analyze and explore opportunities for improvements in knowledge management and communication environment within the ECCU and its projects.

The participants discussed KM&C issues in detail, refreshed understanding of the UNDP Knowledge Management strategy and deliberated upon UNDP’s communication guidelines for projects.

The workshop was organized as part of an earlier understanding between the UNDP-ECCU and PCDC to achieve following objectives.

  •  Improve understanding of UNDP’s corporate guidelines for KM and Communication
  • Assess present level of KM and communication and its efficacy within the ECCU and its managed projects
  • Critically assess current KM and Communication practices and identify areas for improvement
  • Develop an Action Plan for ECCU to undertake effective KM and communication activities with a particular focus on new social media and technologies.