Facebook, in partnership with Reuters Foundation, is offering a free training course on digital journalism. This 4-module course is useful for citizen journalists.

This course takes a deep dive into best practices for budding and experienced journalists alike. Using compelling images, and hands-on how-to’s, this course moves the user through four Modules that tackle Digital Newsgathering, Verification and Reporting, Publishing Effectively on Social Media, and Wellness and Resilience. At the end of the course, you will have gleaned valuable insight from the highly-respected professionals in the Reuters newsrooms around the world, as news media moves into the digital age.

When you earn your certificate in this course, you can use the lessons learned here as a foundation for building – or augmenting – your journalism career. If you are a seasoned journalist, think of this as a refresher course on the best way to move forward, to learn new skills and add digital reporting deftness and social media competence to your toolbox. If you are a novice, you’ll learn all this, plus valuable insight on how to write and produce multi-media stories that engage readers and hold their attention.

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