Pakistan Centre for Development Communication is pleased to welcome ‘Queen’s Mall Online‘ (QMO) as our newest member. ‘Queen’s Mall Online’ ( is Pakistan’s only, socially responsible e-commerce platform, which is committed to the cause of women empowerment.

MoU between QMO and PCDC

PCDC and QMO have reached an understanding recently to work together for empowerment of marginalized women living in resource poor and challenging conditions, through creation of livelihoods, learning and networking opportunities.

This would be the first collaboration of its kind in Pakistan where a socially responsible e-commerce enterprise joins hands with Development Communication experts to reduce poverty among women.

E-Commerce & Devcomm – What Will Happen?

Through this arrangement, QMO will offer local women a dedicated cyber-marketplace to display products and sell directly to buyers around the world.

By doing this, QMO will create greater linkages between home-based workers, local and international markets and buyers to ensure economic gains for poor women, minimize production costs, enhance efficiency and quality, and promote ethical practices.

QMO will also facilitating women to learn new concepts and skills by introducing contemporary designs and materials to them.

Under this collaboration, PCDC will help QMO to identify and establish institutional linkages with women NGOs, CBOs, WOs, women networks, groups, and vocational and training centres in Pakistan and around the world.

Introduction – Queen’s Mall Online

QMO’s mission is ‘to create a World Where Women Can Enjoy Life with Dignity, Equal Opportunity and Freedom’. The organization believes in doing business with a purpose, and aims to;

  • Empower women through quality market-based services and products;
  • b) Improved access to income, growth and learning opportunities;
  • c) Generate knowledge about women’s socioeconomic and cultural needs;
  • d) Enhance participation of disadvantaged women in economic activities by using Information and Communications Technology-based platforms; and
  • e) Develop knowledge, skills and opportunity sharing mechanisms to improve women’s quality of life

To address growing economic and social needs of local women, QMO has initiated ‘NaQsheen – The Collective’. It is an endeavor to open up new windows of opportunity and growth for skilled women by appreciating their talents first and linking them with local and global streams of productivity and trade through e-commerce platforms.

The word ‘NaQsheen’ is Persian in origin, meaning ‘something with carvings over it’. The name signifies thousands of years of female artisan-ship, ingenuity, courage, and spirit to improve life through arts and crafts. Human civilization is indebted to women for turning this barren place – into a world full of colors, patterns and thus, beauty.

How NaQsheen Works?

NaQsheen is a establishing a global network of socially responsible business platforms that is empowering marginalized women. It is involving hundreds of skilled women across Pakistan and abroad to provide them with more income generation and learning opportunities. It is a rapidly increasing network of village-based community organizations, women’s groups, vocational and technical training centres through which QMO is engaging rural women to sell their handicrafts, traditional merchandise and other cultural artifacts with dignity and chances of growth.

Join Us!

NaQsheen is offering opportunities to everyone. Join us and contribute in this noble cause. Women need more support from us and together we can make their lives happier and safer.