Pakistan Centre for Development Communication (PCDC) is pleased to announce organizational membership of ‘Dar-ul-Sukun’. We welcome the new member into our growing network of development agencies. Take a look at their impressive institutional profile.


Founded in 1969, Dar-ul Sukun is one of the largest, most respected nonprofit organizations in Pakistan that is providing comprehensive support to ‘Persons with Disabilities’ (PWD).
It started as a small charitable initiative that grew into a valuable resource for PWDs all over the country. Dar ul Sukun provides accommodation to abandoned children and people with disabilities and also empowers people with disabilities, their families and communities regardless of cast, color, creed, religion, gender, age, type and cause of disability. This is done through raising awareness, promoting inclusion, reducing poverty, eliminating stigma, meeting basic needs and facilitating access to health, education and livelihood opportunities.


Geographical Presence

  • Centre for the Abandoned & Vulnerable Children with Disabilities, Karachi (1969)
  • Centre for the Elderly People, Karachi (1978)
  • Rehabilitation Centre for Children With Severe Disabilities, Karachi (1978)
  • Centre for the Socially Displaced & Polio Affected Girls (1981)
  • Centre for the Socially Displaced & Broken Families’ Boys, Quetta, Baluchistan (2007)
  • Rehabilitation Complex, Rashidabad, Sindh (2013)
  • Three Sewing Centres, Quetta Baluchistan (2011)
  • Three Girls Tuition Centre, Quetta, Baluchistan (2012)


Over the years, Dar-ul Sukun has provided training to numerous organizations in the country on following topics.

  • Introduction to Special Education and UN Convention on rights of special education
  • Disability Sensitization and Etiquette Human Growth and Development
  • Early Childhood Development and Interventions
  • What is Disability (IDEA’S classification)
  • Intro to Intellectual / Developmental Disability
  • Physical Disability and Its Types
  • Introduction to Down syndrome, Hydrocephaly and Microcephaly
  • Common Assessment Tools
  • ADHD Attention
  • Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  • Introduction to Sensory Impairments
  • Introduction to Emotional And Behavioral disturbance Foundation of Positive Behavioral Support PIM –
  • Perception in Music (Practical)
  • Community based rehabilitation Lead poisoning
  • Intro to IEP and Inclusive Study
  • First Aid training Learning and Technology
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Disaster Risk management
  • Leadership and Change Agents (System Change)
  • Understanding UNCRPD
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Vocational Training and Empowerment of PWD’s

Advocacy Campaigns

  • UNCRPD Advocacy Program
  • Seminar On World Disability Day
  • “UNDERSTANDING THE UNIQUENESS” Seminar on World down syndrome Day
  • Seminar on “WORLD AUTISM DAY”
  • Seminar on “ELDERLY ABUSE DAY”
  • Advocacy walk on International Senior Citizens Day
  • VOICE OF FRAIL” Seminar on International Senior Citizens Day

Other Campaigns

  • I-learn Girls Education (Quetta)
  • WE- Women Empowerment Program (Quetta)
  • Vulnerable Family Adoption Program (Karachi)
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project (Rural Karachi)
  • “EDUCATION FOR ALL” Children Education Program (Karachi)
  • Disable Self Employeement Program (Karachi)
  • Wheelchair & Assistive Devices Distribution Program (Interior Sindh)
  • “ACCEPTING THE EXCEPTIONAL” (ATE) Learners Training Program (Karachi)
  • Disability & Poverty Reduction Program