Pakistan Centre for Development Communication (PCDC) is pleased to introduce – Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Development Communication Training Workshops for NGOs and non-profit organizations. Introduced for the first time in Pakistan – the DIY Training – is an advanced, highly innovative and effective capacity building approach for imparting knowledge to learners by giving them the power to do it themselves.

A deeper connection with the organization to make it more vibrant and effective. A lot happens within an organization that often goes unnoticed by team members.  DIY workshops provide the opportunity to get in touch with these subtle developments that offer prospects as well as dangers for the organization. By thinking through situations and capitalizing upon assets, team members jointly discover the hidden organization to best place its ethos to a given situation. This connection is vital to make the organization vibrant and effective.

Appreciation for organizational knowledge, skills, and systems that make things happen.  Strategies that teams develop together help them to realize how challenging and time-consuming it can be to make them. Once they become part of the strategy-building process, they get more observant to the knowledge, skills, and systems that are making things to happen within the organization. They care more about how decisions are made and pay close attention to details.

An opportunity to share ideas and commitment.  The sense of reward a team gets from making something with its participation cannot be earned any other way. DIY workshops provide many opportunities for sharing of creative ideas and express commitment to the organization. It is obvious that people learn faster from “hands-on” experience than watching someone else do something.

A connection to other team members. DIY workshops build a greater sense of ‘team’ among groups, as they emerge more integrated and an understanding network of mission champions.

A path to organizational sustainability. In this era of growing organizational expenditure and funding uncertainty, DIY workshops are essential to building the in-house capacity for strategy development. Through these workshops, organizations have learned to reduce their reliance on external consultants and thus, manage to cut down upon heavy costs.

aking training effective, entertaining, and connected to real-life issues.

We combine thorough expertise, focused market research, and penchant for local sensitivities to give you a high-impact experience that goes beyond best practices.

Our training programmes are high-energy, interactive, and focused on providing tools your teams can use right away.

Through interactive exercises, lectures, brainstorming, group-work, role-plays, games, case scenarios and other simulation techniques – teams from development organizations come together at DIY Training Workshops to analyze and take stock of the situation, evaluate practices, apply tools to find solutions and develop practical strategies as an outcome of learning.


Whether your need is improved linkages with donors, greater community participation, positive media relations,  effective knowledge management, or even vibrant website design; we know where to start and what questions to ask to design and customize the DIY Training program according to your organization’s specific needs.

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Upcoming Training Courses on Communication”

Communication and Fund Raising

Effective Project Proposal Writing for NGOs
Successful Resource Mobilization for NGOs – How to Use Communication Effectively

NGOs & Use of Radio and Television

How to Use Radio and Television for Development Initiatives (2 Days)

Gender Mainstreaming through Organizational Communication

Gender Mainstreaming and Nonprofit Communication (2 Days)

Communication for Networks & Coalition Building

Effective Communication for Networks and Coalitions (2 Days)

Communication and School Safety

Communication for School Safety Training Workshop – Two Days

NGOs and Media Relations

Effective Media Relations for Nonprofits (2 Days)

Behaviour Change & Advocacy Campaigns Design for NGOs

Advocacy, Community Mobilization and Communication for Nonprofits (2 Days)
Communication for Conflict Resolution and Promotion of Peace (2 Days)
Effective Communication Planning for Disaster Risk Reduction (3 Days)


Communication for  Event Management

Effective Meetings Planning & Management for Greater Organizational Learning(2 Days)
How to Plan Organizational Retreats, Launching & other Events for More Learning(2 Days)

Other Topics

Effective Meetings Planning & Management for Greater Organizational Learning(2 Days)
How to Plan Organizational Retreats, Launching & other Events for More Learning(2 Days)


Organizational Communication Training

Strategic Communication Planning for Nonprofits (3 Days)
Effective Case Study Writing for Nonprofits (2 Days)
Information Technology Planning for Effective Nonprofit Communication (2 Days)
Effective Website Design and Management for Nonprofits(2 Days)
Communication for Partnerships Development in Nonprofits (2 Days)
Newsletters Development for Nonprofits (One Day)
Organizational Culture and Effective Communication (One Day)
Effective Report Writing for Nonprofits (One Day)
Communication and Leadership Development for Nonprofits (One Day)
How to Improve Branding and Visibility for Nonprofits (One Day)

Effective Documentaries Development for NGOs

Creating Powerful Documentaries for Your Cause (2 Days)

Communication and Knowledge Management

DIY Workshop for Knowledge Management Strategy in NGOs … (2 Days)
How to Develop Knowledge Products for NGOs – (2 Days)
Information Technology Planning for Effective Nonprofit Communication (2 Days)
Knowledge Management & Communication Strategy Development for Effective Resource Mobilization(3 Days)

Social Media Strategy Development for NGOs

Social Media Strategy Planning and Implementation for Nonprofits (2 Days)