VolunteerS for Communication (V4C), is an initiative by the ‘Pakistan Centre for Development Communication’ (PCDC) to support, 1) health-sector nonprofits & charities fighting COVID19 looking for communication volunteers, and; 2) for communication professionals to offer their services to health-sector nonprofits & charities

Let's Join Hands for Health ...

Situation of COVID-19 is posing serious challenges for Pakistan. Million of families are facing hardships due to disease, loss of livelihoods and access to food. On the other hand, health-sector NGOs, charities and other nonprofits are under immense pressure to cope up with the situation. They are in desperate need of volunteer help to keep providing their services.  It is time we come forward to play our role as a responsible citizen and save lives. Communication can strengthen the fight against COVID-19. Lets join our hands together and help health-sector NGOs by our commitment, knowledge and skills.

Please volunteer your communication skills to support health-sector NGOs in Pakistan.

Organizations Looking for Volunteers

Health-sector NGOs, charity hospitals and other organizations that are providing services for COVID-19, and need communication volunteers, should provide details of their need by filling out the online form. Please click on the button below.

Volunteers Looking for Organizations‚Äč

Communication professionals in the fields of Development Communication, Journalism, Advertising & Marketing, Public Relations, TV & Radio Productions, Literature, Graphic Design, Photography, Story Writing, Social Media Marketing, Advocacy, Fundraising, Social Mobilization, Animations, Translations, Website & Social Media Management & other relevant fields are most welcome to join as volunteer. Please click on the button below

Health Organizations
in Need of Volunteers

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Communication Experts Available for Voluntary Work


Muhammad Tahir Nadeem

Area of Expertise

Communication planning & management

Preferred Place

on-site, remote-from-home-or-office, any-other




two-days-in-a-week, three-days-in-a-week, four-days-in-a-week

Preferred Organization

charity-ambulance-service, charity-hospital-clinic, charity-pharmacy

Preferred Timing

morning, afternoon, evening, night

Available (Hours)


Can support in

knowledge-management, monitoring-and-evaluation-of-communication-activities, volunteer-management, photography-and-photo-archives-development, documentary-making, tv-and-YouTube-channel-broadcasting, event-management, training-and-capacity-building, administration services, education services, event management, documentary